why not ? what if i go?

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voting (especially the political voting) is a choice that a population make in an election in order to choose somebody to hold public office, or to choice a deciscion that gouvernement propose.

But, in too many arabe countries, people refuse to vote, or they just don't care, & they don't considerate it as an important thing to do.

So, why do we have to vote? maybe too many persons thought about this questions, and maybe too many others didn't even think to think about elections, because as they say 'elections doesn't feed us',


1- the only way democracy work is is citizens are 'active participants', it's very clear, nowadays taht the world largest democracy are the countries where citizens run the gouvernement.

well, if you want to live in democracy that means that you should get a say in who runs your country and how your country should be run.


2- If you don't vote, you ll have no right to complain about the gouvernement . we all know that we are 'whiny people' , we criticize almost every thing and every one. but it doesn t make no sense to criticize something we choosed, because when you don't vote that's mean that you've choised to give your vote to some one else.


3- We have noticed that the biggest election issues often effect directly the youth of the nation, because choosing tha gouvernement is like choosing the future of our generations.


4- We have to know that oue vote matters, however it is, but one Can make the difference.


All in all, voting is a right guarented by the humain kind to serve the humain kind to live in democracy, which is the best way of living with dignity, and which thousands of people die nowadays in too many arab countries to get it.

If you think that we are not living in democracy and your vote doesn't matter, go try this time, because you are just saying something that some forces wanted to convince you about (maybe for some personal interests), and because you ll learn a new democracy behaviore, ........

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