What if the prophet (pbuh) come between us ??

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i wonder

if he visites you for a day,

How will you receive hem?

would you have to change your clothes?

will you  hide some magazins, and photos before you let hem in?

if you were watching a movie what will you tell hem?

would you still watsh those movies, or would you switsh the TV off for the rest of your life?

can you oppen/Found  a Convenable channel for hem?


if the prophet spend a day with you,

would you do things you used to do?

will you take hem with you, to places you used to go?

will you show hem our girls and our youths, who are muslims ONLY buy noun?

what would you show hem? what would you tell hem?

can you show hem the situation of the Umma?

would  you tell hem that the ONE Nation becomes 22 nations ?

will you say for hem that unsteed of one leader, we have 22 leaders?

do you will tell hem that, every leader is running after his own interestes? & No one of our leaders care about people

would you tell hem that someones want to delete the religion, they  would like  to become secular countries?



will you tell hem that muslims aren't able to visit and pray in Al-aqsaa Mosque, even if Omar bno Lkhatab and Salah Ed'dine Al'ayoubi liberated it?

we couldn't preserve one of our islamic heritage, one of rare sacred places?

how will you tell hem that thousands of muslims die every year in Palestine, and we didn't do anythig?

Our 22 leaders didn't talk,  and din't move?

 will you tell hem that our 'Muslim' leaders are the best and strongest allies for the Zionist  entity?



will you tell hem about the "new behaviors" of muslim people?

how could we tell hem that muslims want to look like western, even if it contrary to the islamic faith?

would we say that adultery, lying, finery (atabaroj), usury (arriba),........... became  usual in muslim's life?


............ We have nothing to be proud of, if someday the prophet Mohammed (Sala'a ALLAHO a'alaihi wa salam) comes, if he asks Us; what have we do for the Umma?

      _............, nothing yet.



This is our mistake,

we think that GOD doesn't look at us, we think that the prophete doesn't know what we are doing, Don't we have to behave as God said in the Holy Coran,  he is always watshing us.


Did we forget that someday God will judge us, not only for our behaviors, but also for what we have done for the victory of the islamic Umma?





If i had the opprtunnity to see the prophete, i'll ask hem to take me out of this world, because the situation of the Umma becames very difficult, evils and sins are too much.

i am affraid that God judge me by others mistakes, because i haven't done anything to fight for the victory of islam.

Maybe i didn't do my duty of advice.


  "Allahoma Salli wa Salim Wa Barik A'alayh"

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